Registered Housing Manager


Registered Housing Manager (RHM) is the final certification in the NCHM Four Pillar program.


Product Description

Stand Among the Most Accomplished Professionals in the Industry!

Most professions have methods for identifying those who are among the most skilled, experienced, and learned in their field. Until Registered Housing Manager, federally assisted housing professionals have not had such deserving recognition. The conferral of RHM to housing professionals has elevated the status and benefits of these highly skilled and trained individuals. RHMs have been responsible for transforming the most difficult affordable housing circumstances into efficiently managed communities.

Prerequisite Pillars in Housing Management

Before becoming RHM candidates, ambitious and progressive-minded housing professionals must participate in, and pass, four prerequisite classes. RHMs are exceptionally well rounded individuals, and these prerequisites demonstrate their ability to address the vast expanse of managerial responsibilities that exist in housing communities.

RHM candidates must pass:

a community management prerequisite (Certified Manager of Housing),

an occupancy management prerequisite (Certified Occupancy Specialist),

a maintenance management prerequisite (Certified Manager of Maintenance), and

a financial management prerequisite (Certified Financial Manager or Site-Based Budgeting Specialist).

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